160g Glass Fiber Reinforced Mesh 1m*50m For Plaster

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Fiberglass Mesh is mainly alkali-resistant fiberglass fabric, it is made of the C or E glass fiber yarn (the main ingredient is a silicate, good chemical stability) through a special weaving technique, then coated by the anti-alkali and reinforcing agent and treated by high-temperature heat finishing. It’s ideal engineering material in the construction and decoration industry.

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Product name 160g Glass Fiber Reinforced Mesh 1m*50m For Plaster
MOQ ≥50000 square meters
Short Description: 1. Wall reinforced material (such as fiberglass wall mesh, GRC wall panels etc).

2. Reinforced cement products.

3. Used for Granite, mosaic, marble back mesh etc.

4. Waterproof membrane fabric, asphalt roofing.

5. Framework material for reinforced plastics, rubber products.

6. It can also use for  Fire board, Grinding wheel base fabric, Road surface with geogrid,  Construction caulking tape etc.

Feature • Good chemical stability: Alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, waterproof, cement erosion-resistant, and other chemical corrosion resistant, and strong resin bonding, soluble in styrene.

• Strength retention rate > 90%, elongation <1%,the durability of more than 50 years.

• Good dimensional stability, stiffness, smoothness an difficult to shrink and deformation, good positioning property.

• Good impact resistance and not easy to be teared.

• Fire resistant, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulations etc.


Fiberglass mesh is used in insulation systems as a reinforcing layer external plaster, it is meant to prevent it from cracking and the appearance of cracks during usage.



Item Number Yarn(Tex) Mesh(mm) Density Count/25mm Tensile Strength  20cm
Woven Structure Content of resin%
Warp Weft Warp Weft Warp Weft Warp Weft
45g2.5x2.5 332 33 2.5 2.5 10 10 550 300 Leno 18
60g2.5x2.5 402 40 2.5 2.5 10 10 550 650 Leno 18
70g 5x5 452 200 5 5 5 5 550 850 Leno 18
80g 5x5 672 200 5 5 5 5 700 850 Leno 18
90g 5x5 672 250 5 5 5 5 700 1050 Leno 18
110g 5x5 1002 250 5 5 5 5 800 1050 Leno 18
125g 5x5 1342 250 5 5 5 5 1200 1300 Leno 18
135g 5x5 1342 300 5 5 5 5 1300 1400 Leno 18
145g 5x5 1342 360 5 5 5 5 1200 1300 Leno 18
150g 4x5 1342 300 4 5 6 5 1300 1300 Leno 18
160g 5x5 1342 400 5 5 5 5 1450 1600 Leno 18
160g 4x4 1342 300 4 4 6 6 1550 1650 Leno 18
165g 4x5 1342 350 4 5 6 5 1300 1300 Leno 18


ZBREHON Fiber Glass Mesh is designed for reinforcing interior plaster and stucco facade. Thanks to its flexibility and durability is ideal for reinforcement of complicated shapes of the facade of historic buildings. It used for internal plastering work eliminates the formation of cracks during the fast drying of surface.

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ZBREHON Fiberglass mesh is used in insulation systems as a reinforcing layer for exterior plaster, designed to prevent cracking and cracking during use.


Our meshes are made from the highest quality European fiberglass and are suitable for reinforcing all types of plaster, mineral and synthetic. We offer a wide range of mesh in different weights and uses.

A grid with a lower weight is used to reinforce the internal plaster plaster. Also suitable for facade plaster on complex-shaped facades, like historical buildings.

We also offer mesh, reinforced with higher weights, to reinforce screed floors, plinths and areas that are frequently subject to mechanical damage.


Our mesh is produced in the EU with Polish and European technical approvals. In production, we use the highest performance raw materials to guarantee the excellent quality and consistency of the products. All meshes are impregnated for alkali resistance so the mesh maintains its performance in environments with very aggressive building chemicals. For companies that produce their own insulation systems, we make mesh of any color and logo.

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