Company Profile


Zbrehon is a global front runner in manufacturing advanced composite materials for the commercial
aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, architecture, medical and industrial markets.

Company profile

ZBREHONG is a production oriented company specializing in the development and production of composite materials (carbon fiber and glass fiber).


Since its establishment in 2009, we have been committed to providing lightweight materials, composite materials, and reinforcement material solutions to a wide range of partners. Strive to make their products more robust and durable, while reducing construction difficulties and operating costs.


We are committed to excellent new composite materials, making products more durable and durable, while improving human safety and experience.


We believe that composite materials are the future materials in the fields of aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, architecture, energy, electronics, and sports. Due to the increasingly widespread application of composite materials, this will greatly promote the maximization of human creativity.


We hope to cooperate with customers in various fields around the world to enable composite materials to promote their career development and break possible limits.

Purpose and Values of Zbrehon


OUR PURPOSE | We will provide customers with one-stop composite material solutions, which will maximize the service life and experience of each project, and reduce project operation and maintenance costs for customers.

OUR VALUES |  Provide more high-quality composite materials for aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, construction, energy, sports and other industries, provide partners with one-stop composite material solutions, and enable customers to achieve business development.


Why choose ZBREHON?

10 years of experience in composite material production and research and development, product quality is better

To provide you with comprehensive pre-sales after-sales service and product testing services.

24-hour foreign trade service responds in a timely manner, fast and efficient.

Comprehensive, fast, efficient and win-win is our goal.


ZBREHON is willing to grow up with you and witness the future

We are your one-stop composite lightweight solution provider


We embrace a curiosity to explore ideas, a passion to challenge the impossible, and a belief in success beyond expectations. At the same time, actively invest in product research and development, and maintain cooperation with professional colleges and research institutions to keep up with the forefront of technology.


We work with uncompromised integrity on behalf of our  employees and customers. With the pursuit of the ultimate attitude and rigorous style, we will contribute our part as a member of the modern society.


ZBREHON thrive on the contributions each member brings to the Company by valuing diversity, developing talent, fostering teamwork, and rewarding success.



Zbrehon is committed to an effective safety and health effort throughout the whole company. While every company member shares their own responsibility for safety and health, our management layer that must provide the control, accountability and resources for this effort to be successful.


  • Reduce work injuries
  • Provide health protection for employees
  • Prevent production safety accidents
  • Improve production process safety and health specifications
  • Avoid accidental loss of ZBREHON property
  • Promoting the safe and standardized use of ZBREHON products

Achieving such goals requires a set of effective systems and norms, and emphasizes the commitment and implementation of each employee. When ZBERHON is faced with changes and challenges from various aspects in its important development process, it must always be firm constantly improve the effectiveness of the prevention system.

At the core of ZBREHON’s approach to safety and health goals is a continuous and rigorous process to ensure the validity of each clause:

  • A safe and rigorous health management system
  • High frequency and regular system evaluation
  • An efficient and standardized safety and health organization
  • Fast and accurate information exchange channel
  • Recognition of excellent performance




ZBREHON is a Reliable and law-abiding chain partner with our vendors, transport agents and customers. Our Inter national Trade Compliance project ensure that we have a series of effective import and export compliance control, so as to ensure the safety and commercial interests of every customer, and do everything possible to comply with local international trade laws and relevant regulations.

  • By constantly improving the supply chain security plan and scheme, ZBREHON's customers will quickly obtain goods and ensure the perfect service guarantee of products.


ZBREHON strictly abides by the relevant requirements and regulations of Customs Entry - Commerce and Trade Anti Terrorism Alliance to ensure the legitimacy and effectiveness of products provided by cooperative customers, even when the country restricts the import volume in special periods.


We strictly comply with the regulations and requirements of the relevant government departments to confirm that our export management system meets the requirements of the competent authorities of each country. ZBREHON can be notified in a timely manner when export authorization is required, and ensure effective customs clearance of relevant products through coordination in a timely manner.


ZBREHON constantly reviews and optimizes our work to meet the import requirements of the countries where our supply chain partners are located. We confirm the national import requirements of our goods and confirm that their import complies with national laws. We review the import classification of goods in strict accordance with regulations, and propose effective suggestions on import control to ensure that we can optimize the customs procedures for all imported goods.


Innovation is one of the core values of our company, so we have been working hard to promote technological innovation within the company, and the company's investment in this field over the years can prove it. ZBREHON has attached great importance to the acquisition of various types of certification systems since its establishment, and has also constantly challenged the long-standing thinking patterns in our thinking. We know that as a company that can change the human society, we should always be curious, firm in belief, brave in exploration and challenge every limit.


Due to the core of our technology is related to the production of our products, ZBREHON implements a strict technology control plan to manage who has the ability to receive the technology and regulatory requirements related to such technology transfer. The process approved by the government not only protects ZBREHON's technology, but also protects our customers' technology.


ZBREHON provides technical support and training for our partners and employees. We strive to make all our business partners understand the legal requirements for the import, export and transportation of our goods, software and technology.